DEQ researchers highlighted in the 2023 edition of the rankings

Of the four hundred and eighty-two Portuguese researchers highlighted in the 2023 edition of the thematic rankings, which annually rank the best and most influential scientists in the world [...]

Chemical Engineering Alumni visit DEQ

To commemorate 60 years of entry in the Chemical Engineering course, 9 alumni were at FEUP last Friday, April 28, to deliver a commemorative plaque and admire how their "home" [...]

Joana Ribeiro da Silva – Former DEQ student at the top of WORTEN management

The Sonae group continues to strengthen the promotion of gender equality in leadership positions, adding women at the top of its businesses. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the [...]

Prof. José Luís Figueiredo distinguished with the Medal of Excellence in R+D+I

Named by the National College of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the Portuguese Order of Engineers, Prof. José Luís Figueiredo was the winner of the Medal of Excellence in R(research)+D(development)+I(innovation) [...]


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